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We Ba Do featured on

Check out the tune here, along with some awesome songs by other new musical theater writers. If you're someone who's always looking for new musical theater songs to sing for auditions or with your students, etc, is the spot...


Nashville Metro Arts Thrive Grant

Dawn and I will be working with Lakewood Theatre Company and our new neighbors in Old Hickory, TN to write a musical in celebration of the town's 100th anniversary. Performances will be June 1-3 at Lakewood Theater in Old Hickory, TN--check out our Facebook page for more info!

The Shore at The Green Room 42 (NYC), March 2018 (a subscription site that sells sheet music by new musical theater writers, including mine) put on a 5th Anniversary Concert with some of their favorite pieces. New (to me!) voices Natalie Ortega & Dillon McPherson came in and did a beautiful job singing a duet from The Moon and the Sea--check it out here

Rise Up Singing Concert! May 21, 2018

The Rise Up Singing spring concert will happen May 22, 2018 at STEM Prep--all 48 singers have been working their tails off and are ready to share their songs! Rise Up Singing is a new music program focusing on the passion and protest in American music at STEM Prep Academy  in Nashville, TN. Please come out and support us!

Music City Roots, December 13

INTERSCAPES, Workshop with Wayne Brezinka

I'm teaming up with badass artist Wayne Brezinka to lead a 2-day workshop exploring artistic expression across creative disciplines. Using mixed media, participants will work with Wayne to create “outer” landscapes that mirror “inner” landscapes, then explore the same territory through sound & music (with me!). Sign up here and tell your friends, this is gonna be really fun!

The Meeting

from The Moon and the Sea

feat. Britton Smith and Katie Thompson


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