Creighton Irons   

Lincoln Center Theater Songwriters in Schools Program
Songs written with high school students in the Bronx

I have never publicly posted the songs I've created with Mariana Elder-Rosen and the students of Millenium Arts Academy through LCT, but this year I just think it's worth it! The students did such amazing work and I got to connect with some new Nashville talent for the demos. Check them out at 

HOMEFRONT on stage at A.C.T. this summer!
American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, August 9-21, 2017

Homefront, the musical I wrote with Craig Slaight, will be performed again by ACT's Young Conservatory this summer. From ACT's website: "Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous and riveting moment in history (1918 Illinois), Homefront tells the story of a remarkable young people courageously struggling to come of age in a world rocked by conflict."  Songs up here...

THE MOON AND THE SEA demo is complete!
Thank you all for your donations!! You made this recording happen!
And I couldn't be happier with the results.  The talent is staggering... Aaron Lavigne, Hannah Elless, Britton Smith, Katie Thompson, and Patrick Newton all made magic with Rocky Gallo at Vice and Virtue Studios.  Check out the whole album here:

We are raising money to record THE MOON AND THE SEA! Check out the crowdfunding page at

FACTORY GIRLS Invited Reading
October 29, 2016
Sean and I are so happy to be working with director Kate Galvin on our next FACTORY GIRLS reading.  We last worked with Kate this past winter when her Philly-based theater company, 11th Hour, produced a concert reading of the show.  If you want to be on the guest list, please get in touch!

May 1-4, May 20, June 1
Spring is always a crazy time in the teaching artist world with all the final shows happening.  The Hunts Point Children's Shakespseare Ensemble will perform our rendition of 12th Night May 1-4 in the Bronx and the East Village (contact me for tix); SongCorps (pictured), a choral group I lead through HPAC in the Bronx, will be performing our spring concert on May 20  (5:30pm at P.S. 48); and Lincoln Center Theater's Songwriter's in Schools Concert will go down June 1 at 8pm at Lincoln Center (student lyricists with great composers and Broadway performers--info here). Come support these guys and remember why you fell in love with music!

February 26 at 54 Below...

Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 9:30pm
Since Sam and Rob came on board a year ago, we have been going full tilt with Factory Girls and are finally ready to share some of it!  We'll be at Goodspeed Opera house as a part of their Johnny Mercer Residency in January, then back for readings and a show at 54 Below.  It's gonna be really fun with so many of our (badass) friends on stage, including folks from Broadway, North Carolina, and everywhere between (check out the site for details).  54 Below is the kind of place you can make an evening out of---hope to see you there!

 NEW SUMMER CAMP in Pittsboro, NC
at Woods Charter!
Dates: June 22-26, 8-3
Over the summer, I'll be back down in NC for a bit at the end of June to run the inaugural "Musical Madness" summer camp at Woods Charter. Check out their website for more info!  Kids ages 8-14.  Sign up today!

December 15, 2014 at 8pm
Over the last few weeks, director David Alpert and I have worked with The New American Theater Company (Nikkieli DeMone, Artistic Director) to produce a reading of The Moon and the Sea in a funky new space in Brooklyn.  The cast is perfect (below: Britton Smith, Alison Cusano, dir. David Alpert, David Gordon, Sydney Morton, Tim Young, me, and Ben Maters) and the show is sounding better than it ever has! It's a little ways out there, but if you're on the C train come check us out! 

October 13, 2014 at 8:30p
The Musical Theater Factory in midtown does a really cool thing each month; they help you put up 15 minutes of a musical you're working on.  Since FACTORY GIRLS has new life with new bookwriters Sam Forman and Rob Ackerman joining Sean and I, we decided to try out out new first 15 minutes.  Taylor Haven Holt is doing awesome movement/direction work; info here.

August 6, 2014
Songwriter's Salon" in the space.  He has invited five composer/lyricists to kick off the series on the first Thursday in August, and I'm happy to be a part of the show!  More info coming...

From someone on the Internet...
July 19, 2014

This is kind of cool!  Someone out in cyberspace published a list of "23 Composer/Lyricists Who Prove Why You Should Give Musical Theater Another Shot."  She put some awesome people on the list, many of whom I admire, too.  I feel really honored to be on there!  She posted a video of a song from Factory Girls, which I wrote with Seam Mahoney.  I'm hoping to get some Moon & the Sea videos up soon...


Heading back out to Magruder Ranch where it will be my extreme pleasure to meet the acquaintance of Mad Dashiell Marmot Magruder (RIP Manly) and to work again with Kate Magruder, Jenny Peterman, Ivory Reid, and the incredible crew of performers and creative artists that is Repose In Action.  Over the course of a couple weeks in this landscape of my dreams, we'll create a new piece of theater and perform it out on the ranch and at Ukiah Players' Theater.  

*Update: it was awesome.

Riding around Magruder Ranch after performing a musical of "Around the World in 18o Days"

STAYING WILD going up in San Francisco
May 29-June 8 

Janet and I had a chance to go out to San Francisco for the first week of rehearsals with STAYING WILD.  The actors performing in the show are all high schoolers, but what an incredibly professional group!  I got to sit with the band some, too, and along with the incredible singers they are going to make this show sound really awesome.  Here's a little snippet from the show, "New Kind of Light;" it's Tory G and I singing, the cast sounds better.  TICKETS & TIMES

SONGCORPS Final Concert!
May 22, PS 48 in the Bronx, 6pm... FREE! 

I work with a group of 4th and 5th grade boys in the Bronx in a group called SONGCORPS.  We write our own songs and sing others.  Our final show is this Thursday--come if you can, they will melt your heart.

        Cinco de Mayo at The Cutting Room!

See the press release on PLAYBILL.COM and BROADWAYWORLD.COM 

The Moon and the Sea Concert Reading 
May 5, 7pm • The Cutting Room • 32nd at Park

David Alpert is directing a concert-version of 
The Moon and the Sea this Monday!  I'm so excited to finally get to share this show.  The cast is AMAZING (Katie Thompson! Cedric NealBlake Whyte! Hannah Elless!!) and the band is a mix of my favorite musicians from NC (Jeff Fowler and Seth Barden) and NYC (Mike Pettry and Damien Bassman).  Bring your friends!  Monday, May 5, 7pm.  Info here, tickets here!

Another summer out west with STAYING WILD, a new show for A.C.T!
May 29-June 9, San Francisco

                    • See the press release on BROADWAYWORLD.COM 

Janet Allard and I met in grad school at NYU and knew we wanted to write a show together; seven years later, with Janet teaching playwriting at UNCG (45 min from where I grew up), we're finally doing it!  Staying Wild, a show about a teen wilderness adventure that goes awry, will be performed by the American Conservatory Theater's incredible Young Conservatory this summer.  More infohere (at the bottom of the page).

Live Free or Die on
From the Factory Girls vault...

After a long developmental process, Sean and I are working with bookwriters Sam Foreman and Rob Ackerman to write this musical the right way and it is exhilaratingBroadway World is helping us celebrate with an old favorite.

A really fun Irons/Mahoney show at Joe's Pub!
Videos etc coming... I'm not great at figuring that out but I can post links.. It was a wild ride of a show, finished off with a proposal (Evan waxed poetic, Cat said yes).  Now it's back out to Mendocino for a two week camp writing a musical with high schoolers, a couple weeks in NC to feel human again, and back to NYC in the fall...

Come check out Sean and me at Joe's Pub!
Irons/Mahoney show on Saturday, August 3 at 9:30pm
After taking some time for other projects and adventures, Sean and I are back in action and working on musical tapestries new and old.  At Joe's Pub on Saturday, August 3, we'll be performing stuff from FACTORY GIRLS and from SHOWDOWN AT YELLOW SKY, a new one we've been working on, with a cast of incredible singers from here and from home (listed on the poster above).  The rehearsals have been SO fun; guys, the show is gonna rock.  Tickets are $15 and available here.

Hunts Point Videos!
See the teaser from the May show and the SongCorps short
The kids were totally amazing. Check out the high-quality clips here on vimeo.
And get a load of the kids from PS 48's boys' chorus SongCorps (pic below) with this video ( 

 Come check out "Not Exactly Broadway" at The Cutting Room
Monday, April 29, 2013 at 8pm
My buddy Doug Lyons is an amazing singer (he's on 
this site s
inging "Don't Tell Me What Time It Is!") and
is now entering the world of comp
osing and producing!  He's organized a song night for Monday at the Cutting
Room, a really cool venue on 32nd st.  Cat Cheng, my
friend from UNC, is gonna sing a couple of songs with
me from the Moon and the Sea.  The other performers
are DOPE.  Info here. Should be a really fun night!

Check out Sean and me on!
Musical Theater Writers of the Week, January 2013
  The inimitable Jen Tepper gave a shout out to Sean and my
  work on Factory Girls on this website.  I love her description
  of the music: part American-folk and part musical-theater-
  rock... Thanks, Jen!

Wed, January 2 at Judson Memorial Church (on Washington Sq. Park)
Free dinner and music!

My buddy Nate Weida invited some friends to perform at this... come hang out!  Some of my friends from Boston Conservatory will be singing with me; the girl playing fiddle is awesome, and I think there is a contortionist, too.  It's really a warm, fun place (

Music Directing Romeo & Juliet at Hunts Point's 
I am so pumped to be working with the Shakespeare Society and the Hunts Point Alliance for Children to produce a musicalized rendition of Romeo and Juliet.  I'm writing original music and will lead the chorus and band in our March production.  From the little I know, these kids are amazing.... it's definitely worth checking out the videos.

Living the Dream from September til November
I love being in North Carolina more than I can say... Until November 1, I get to work on a new show with a collaborator down here, tune up The Moon in the Sea, teach some songwriting workshops, and coach the Phillips Middle School cross-country team (gunning for the conference title!).  All while the leaves change.  What could be better? 


New American Composers Night
Helena Byrne and the Breakaway Project put together a beautiful night of American theater music at the end of May.  From the footage (tunes by Katie Thompson, Tituss Burgess, Scott Evans, and more), it seems like it was a hell of a night.  They closed with a mellow tune from The Moon in the Sea, "Crashing Waves."  Check out the video!

Bank Street and The Moon and the Sea, June & July
I'm back in NYC for another summer writing musicals with the kids at Bank Street!  This time around, though, I'll also be tuning up The Moon and the Sea in preparation for another reading/presentation.  Stay tuned...

Artist in Residence at Inglehaven Ranch
I got to spend the entire spring living, writing and working on a ranch in California wine country run by the family of my childhood buddy Ben Provan and his wife, Grace Magruder.  As their resident artist, I worked mornings and had afternoons to work on The Moon and the Sea and a new show for next summer (still under wraps).  We even wrote a miniature ranch musical!  After months of feeding pigs, playing horseshoes, and swimming in the Russian River, NYC is gonna take some readjusting.

2400 acres of mountain pastures


Brand new musical!
Thanks to great help from director Scott Embler and producer Wendy Macdonald (and The Somerled Foundation), The Moon and the Sea is entering the next phase of its young life!  We had a killer reading in NYC on January 27 with an incredible cast & band and are looking forward to more in the months to come.  Stay tuned for a summer concert and the next step in the development process.  In the meantime, check out some of the rough demos on soundcloud.

Homefront update
Thanks to my collaborator, Craig Slaight, and Michael Lazarus I was able to get back out to SF to record Homefront with the original cast--in June.  I swear, the band and singers were all in high school, though to hear them (or see them act) you'd never believe it.  8 months after the recording, I finally figured out how to get the tunes online--check them out on soundcloud ("Seventeen" and "In the Clover" are my current favs...).  There are also some pics up... like 1,800 of them.


While I'm down here as an Artist in Residence with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, I'm working with the Pittsboro crew (Eric Davis, Dave Watson, Seth Barden, and Drew Lasater) and my old friend Janet Allard to write a brand new show, BoomChick Baby.  It is ridiculous.  But the best way imaginable to spend my Wednesday nights.


June 25-July 31
This summer, I'm helping a group of 8 and 9 yr olds at Bank Street Summer Camp on the Upper West Side write and perform their own musical.  We're in the middle of a brand new production of "Rumplestilstka;" every day is a trip.  If you want to satisfy your cuteness quotient for the summer, come check out a show at Bank St July 21 at 6:30pm or July 22 at 10am or 1pm. 

June 9-25:
World Premier of Homefront, book by Craig Slaight, music and
lyrics by Creighton Irons, at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco


  I'm also spending time this month in San Francisco working
  with ACT's Young Conservatory and MFA programs to bring
  to life the world premier of Homefront.  The cast is
  composed largely of high school students, and they are
  pretty amazing.  I couldn't imagine a better group to
  premier a musical with; my parents are even flying out for
  the show Saturday night. 
Tickets are available on ACT's


June 3,4,5 and 9,10,11, 12: 
Factory Girls goes to Lowell and Boston Conservatory

  Neil Donohoe is directing this workshop production of Factory
which boasts a cast of Boston Conservatory's MFA
  students.  The three shows in Lowell at the beginning of the
  month will be performed primarily for the students at Lowell
  High, and we are so excited to bring Factory Girls to the city
  that is in every fiber of the show.  Tickets available here, more
  info here, and check out the articel in Stage Source here.

Older news...

April 7-10 and 14-17    Buy tickets now!
DREAMLAND at Chatham Mills!

In what has become an annual thing, I'm down in Pittsboro, NC to music direct Central Carolina's spring musical.  This year, the show is an original adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," to the tune of some old standards (Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, etc) with some new lyrics.  Ellen Bland is running the show again, and the usual suspects are joining me in the band (Eric Davis on drums, Dave Watson on guitar, Seth Barden on bass), which means it's gonna be a hell of a good time.  This show is so much fun  Tickets now available!  Check out

January 2011
Pace University's New Musicals Program give FACTORY GIRLS a full reading

                                 What a blast!

  I have to give props to the amazing kids in Pace
  University's music theater program... they all put their
  entire hearts and substantial talents into this reading,
  and as a result gave Sean, Maggie and me so much to
  learn from.  Amy Rogers was a remarkable director, and
  Rob Meffe got the feel of the show from the get-go as
  music director.  Definitely keep an eye on Pace in years
  to come, they are a program on the rise with some killer
  talent and really strong leadership.  (see the  
  BroadwayWorld article here)



     John Znidarsic's "Songbook" at Lincoln Center... FREE!

     Come out to the NY Public Library Monday night at 6pm on
     September 27 for a night of new music from the NYC
     theater scene.  Sean Mahoney and I will be joined by Alison
     Cusano, Cortney Wolfson, and Jessica Waxman, three
     dynamos who will give the first performance of a new song
     from Factory Girls.  Our good friends Janet Allard, Niko
     Tsakalakos and others will round out the night--more here,
     or check out the article here.

FIRST VERSE: New Works By Boston Composers

Thanks to everyone who didn't mind getting a little wet last night to hear new strains of the Boston musical theater scene at the BCA.  Ben Green, Noel Carey (who is a hilarious dude), and the inimitable Joe Delgado brought some amazing new songs to the table, and singers Julia Mattison and Beth Stafford Laird put on a hell of a show.  I was really happy to get to share songs from The Moon and the Sea, Homefront, and Factory Girls with all of you.  Psyched for round 2!

This summer, I'm in San Francisco teaching musical theater performance at
the American Conservatory Theater (  I'll also be there in the spring of 2011 for a the production of Homefront, a new musical I'm currently writing with Craig Slaight.  Commissioned by ACT, Homefront will be performed by the theater's Young Conservatory and MFA programs.   Lots of excitement, lots of moving around these days...

4/14 through 4/18/10


North Carolina Community Musical
Right now I'm in NC, playing in and music directing Working at Chatham Mills in Pittsboro.  The show is with the same great bunch of people I worked with last year on Kudzu, and has really come together over the last week or so.  Show dates are April 14-18; tickets are available at (or click here). 

My friend Bill Nelson has a web site up.  Check out his songs page to hear a couple of our collaborations.



Songs on Six to feature River Rising from Factory Girls
On Monday, April 5, our friends at Cap21 will perform a song from Factory Girls.  Some factory favorites including Molly Hager, Shaina Taub, Kate Ferber, and Dana Steingold join a loaded cast that will also perform songs by Joe Iconis, Kerrigan and Lowdermilk, and others.  The show's $20; there will be a reception with wine after, so sounds like a no-brainer.  Here's a link to the article on with more information.

   Come support Fight Like a Girl
at the Triad in Manhattan

All proceeds go directly to the children of Shanti Bhavan.

The show starts at 7:00--lots of great singers, and the very Sean Mahoney will DJ afterwards.  It's gonna be a party! 


*  *  *  *  *


"LIVE FREE OR DIE" from Factory Girls to be featured in Josh Young's Cutting-Edge Composers II

The second installment of Cutting-Edge Composers: A New Generation of Musical Theater SongwritersCanal Room
will be held at 8:00pm on November 9, 2009 at the in New York City. Doors open at 7:30pm. Presented by Josh Young and Laura Pietropinto, the concert will feature the songs of Jeremy Schonfeld, Peter Lerman, Brian Lowdermilk and Kait Kerrigan, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Brad Alexander and Adam Mathias, Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen, Carmel Dean and Anna Jacobs, Creighton Irons and Sean Mahoney, Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham, Joe Iconis, and Ryan Scott Oliver. Laura Pietropinto directs and Julie McBride is music director.

check it out at

selected to participate in NAMT's 21st Annual
Festival of New Musicals!

We had an amazing time at NAMT's festival this past October... An enormously supportive & generous festival staff along with an incredible array of composers and playwrights really made for a great experience.  Stay tuned for the next steps for Factory Girls!

Irons/Mahoney at ArsNova and Joe's Pub!

Thanks to all of you who came out Monday to support us!  SONGS OF WOOD AND STEEL: THE MUSIC OF CREIGHTON IRONS AND SEAN MAHONEY was a big hit. The band rocked, the singers were soulful, and audience was in it all the way til the final chord at 12:30 Tuesday morning.  Check back in a week or so for news on what's next!

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